Advocating for the Digital Outcast

May 30th, 2011 by Kel Smith | Filed under About the Book, Innovation

Most people working in the education space are familiar with Marc Prensky’s theory of the “Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants.” Prensky’s general thesis was to challenge assumptions that antiquated teaching methods remain suitable for emerging generations of learners, for whom mobile devices and gaming principles have become a critical artery of social and informational context.

(You can read the full PDF of Prensky’s “digital natives vs. digital immigrants” paper online.)

There is another group to consider, that of the “digital outcasts.” These are people living with disabilities, experiencing long-term illnesses or undergoing rehabilitative therapies … people who reside just behind the technology innovation curve and yet contribute mightily to its continued advancement.

The term was coined by Gareth White of the University of Sussex, and the constituency it represents is the basis of my upcoming book. The purpose of this site is to promote the book for people who may want to read it, and to defend it for people who don’t.

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