“Brain Gyms” May Be the Next Big Business

June 23rd, 2011 by Kel Smith | Filed under Cognitive, Innovation, Media Coverage, Mobile Apps, Nature of Disability

Screenshot from LumosityA Fast Company article this week discussed increased venture capital funding for “brain gyms.” These are subscription websites, originally developed for those with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive difficulties.

Interestingly, online game puzzles are finding a growing market for anyone wishing to sharpen their mental abilities. One website (Lumosity.com) is pulling 14 million users from 180 countries, with revenue growing at a 25%. CogniFit and Posit Science also compete in a brain fitness” space that is estimated to grow to at least $2 billion by 2015.

Of interest here is how a market developed specifically for digital outcasts is finding universal appeal. It’s something of a flip on the usual premise of disenfranchisement, yet this example underscores the importance of designing and building audience-extending business cases.


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