Children’s Book on iPad Teaches Tolerance

July 17th, 2011 by Kel Smith | Filed under Attitudes of Disability, Innovation, Mobile Apps, Niche Construction

Children’s Book Uses iPad Interactivity to Teach Open Mindedness

Children’s Book Uses iPad Interactivity to Teach Open Mindedness

Raghava KK is the artist and author of Pop It, a new children’s book for iPad intended to teach open mindedness to toddlers. According to Mashable, the book/app delivers a message that adapts to multiple character and plot contexts. For example, characters in the book can be changed upon shaking the device to reflect different family scenarios. In creating the book, Raghava did testing among children to determine how much time was spent on each page. “Children are the hardhest critics and the most honest creatures,” he said. This is yet another example of digital niche construction — the creation of customized systems to ensure one’s adaptation and survival. In this example, the digital outcast is viewed as outside the wall of the app’s influence, and the system is intended to teach empathy from the center out.

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