Blind Photographer “Sees” Through Her Pictures

January 5th, 2012 by Kel Smith | Filed under Blind, Inspiration, Niche Construction

Cathy BrowneGreat story describing Cathy Browne, a legally blind photographer who uses her art to express herself as well as to adapt to her everyday surroundings. She is one of 300 members of the Blind Photographers Flickr group who are satisfying their aesthetic curiosity through the medium.

Blind photographers are yet another example of niche construction, which is the term I’ve applied to people who use self-enabled tech tools to better navigate and sustain their existence. One of the Flickr members above describes how he uses his digital photographs to read old medicine bottles and to see signs.

Browne reports that her participation in photograph has also provided opportunities for making job and social connections. Her Twitter account boasts over 6,200 followers, and her Seeing Things blog makes for wonderful reading.


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