Kinetix Academy Begins at Lakeside Center for Autism

May 20th, 2012 by Kel Smith | Filed under Cognitive, Gaming, Innovation, Video Games

Last week I had the pleasure of delivering the keynote address for the John Slatin AccessU Conference, held by Knowbility in Austin, TX. Among the case studies I presented was the use of the Kinect by the Lakeside Center for Autism, located outside of Seattle. If you haven’t seen the video, I recommend having a look below to see the benefits this emerging technology is having on Lakeside students:

A great new development is the creation of Kinetix Academy, the result of LCA winning the “Innovation in Issaquah” award for their use of the Kinect in therapy. They are putting together a wonderful educational program designed around the capabilities and potential of the device. The program’s origin and intentions are detailed on the LCA blog:

[Our great idea] is to create a comprehensive curriculum of educational and therapeutic games specifically designed for children with autism to support their development of motor, speech and language, cognitive, academic, and social skills….and it’s called Kinetix Academy. Ever since I caught wind of the Kinect (back when it was still called Project Natal) I’ve been dreaming about how we could use this technology to support kid’s gross motor skills. Over the past six months or so I’ve slowly put some of those ideas down on paper and started to think through the developmental sequences, feedback and reinforcement schedules, and opportunities to target other areas of development.

The Center is now assembling its pitch team to collect funding interest, and have already recruited a graphic designer and Kinect developer to create some quick prototypes. This is the sort of innovative endeavor that deserves wider attention among the corporate healthcare industry. Follow their progress on Facebook and Twitter.

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