Digital Outcasts at SXSW Interactive

March 2nd, 2013 by Kel Smith | Filed under About the Book, Appearances, Innovation, Media Coverage, Uncategorized

Slide from Kel Smith SXSW presentationIf you’re one of approximately 25,000 interactive professionals who annually descend upon Austin for SXSW, this year I’ll be joining you. The session takes place on Tuesday, March 12 at 3:30 PM and is located at the Austin Convention Center.

My presentation will explore “bootstrapping” topics related to the book, as well as a few surprises. These will include (in no particular order): aging rock musicians, primitive housing in Asia, why it’s easier to jump out of a spaceship than make an accessible website, health literacy for outcasts, the difficulties of buying vegetables in the city, and why a robot nurse may one day wipe your backside.

Already, Sara Peralta of SXTXState has listed “Digital Outcasts” as one of the Top 5 Picks for community activism. Thanks, Sara!

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