Podcast Interview with Karo Caran of “The Joy Cast”

April 20th, 2013 by Kel Smith | Filed under About the Book, Appearances, Attitudes of Disability, Blind, Inspiration

I spent a wonderful two hours the other day lost in conversation with Karo Caran, founder of The Joy Cast podcast series and herself a published author. We discussed many things related to the life experience, discovering that we share similar attitudes regarding our place on this here planet. You can listen to the interview via Apple iTunes, where I discuss themes from the book and give a reading of Chapter 1.

If you were to Google Karo’s name, you’ll find this inspiring video interview with her and Victor Tsaran. Victor is a Senior Accessibility Program Manager at PayPal, singer, writer and guitar player (whom I’ve personally seen perform and yes, he has the chops). He perfectly complements Karo’s mission to serve as holistic life coach, writer, researcher and generally cool person. Great stuff.


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