Early Testimonials

“We can’t get enough of inclusion topics! We need to show the world why it is vital, so every quality book on the topic counts. One with the awesome Kel Smith as author is a must-have.”

~Karen Mardahl, Society for Technical Communications

“Kel is extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in this subject area. He’s passionate about the topic, has immersed and aligned himself with people that have provided him with even more insight into the challenges of accessibility, and his viewpoints are well-formed and thought-provoking. This book demonstrates knowledge of the most recent research and trends in this field. I would absolutely recommend this book as a reference and resource.”

~Koreen Olbrish, CEO of Tandem Learning

“As a very senior and well-known UX professional, I nevertheless have paid very little attention to accessibility as a UX issue. I suspect I am the norm rather than the exception. Thus I suspect many if not most UX professionals should have this book on their shelf. There is no one book that covers the spectrum of accessibility issues across a spectrum of digital devices and products. This book will fill a hole in the market.”

~Deborah J. Mayhew, Ph.D., consultant, cofounder and CEO of the Online User eXperience Institute

“Kel is a sought-after expert in the areas of creative, usability and technology disciplines, particularly user-centered design and accessibility. His exceptional contributions to the field are matched by the passion and benevolence with which he approaches clients and colleagues. What will strike you about him first is his extraordinary intelligence, and secondly his approachableness, humility and willingness to share his talents for the well-being of others.”

~Meg Metz, Senior Recruiter & Account Manager, MissionStaff

“Kel Smith is a highly sought-after, creative speaker who offers thought-provoking presentations on how accessibility, inclusive design, technology and media can be used for the benefit of a wide range of people. Kel’s presentation style is simple and clear, and he uses a variety of innovative examples to illustrate his key messages. I highly recommend engaging Kel in your next accessibility, user experience or inclusive design event.”

~Bill Curtis-Davidson, Business Development Executive, IBM Human Ability & Accessibility Center

“[E]xamples of powerful high-fi tools came from Kel Smith in his talk,’Innovations in Accessibility: What We Can Learn From Digital Outcasts,’ explaining how some patients, left behind by other mobile solutions are creating their own. Two examples he shared were the Braille iPhone touch screens for the blind and an app created by a mother of an autistic son, designed to help him express himself. Both solutions are tools for patients who want to be in control of their health, personalizing their tools and tailoring them to fit their needs.”

~Yixiu Wu and Mia Bohleman, Moment

“All the talks were engaging, however Kel Smith who talked about ‘Innovations in Accessibility’ struck a chord. He challenged the audience to think of designing for those who are known as “outsiders”, or people with disabilities. His examples, stories and interactive projects gave inspiration and new ways to think about design and their users.”

~Lizzy Showman, School of Visual Arts

“All of the sessions I went to today were very good, but there was only one that really killed it for me which was called ‘Innovations in accessibility’ by Kel Smith (@digitaloutcasts). He talked about the pursuit of technology aiding people who are most likely to benefit from it. There were some amazing cases of using apps to allow Autistic patients to effectively communicate with people while at the same time teaching them skills to be more successful. There were also examples of people who have never been able to communicate successfully because of their disabilities that are now able to go into Starbucks and order a whatever double grande caramel mess. And it was awesome.”

~Big River Labs

Much appreciation and thanks to those who said nice things on my behalf.