Sample Excerpts

The Business Rationale for Virtual Accessibility – How would a merger between virtual worlds and commercial retailers affect consumers with disabilities?

Of Bees and Chess – A young chess player learns an applicable lesson for innovation and people with special needs.

Building Innovation Teams – What Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez can teach us in building successful and effectively innovative teams.

‘Soul Train’ a Model of Innovation and Inclusion – The passing of Don Cornelius reminds us that innovation and inclusion are intrinsically linked.

Digital Outcasts and Food Deserts – A food desert is a term given to any part of the industrialized world where healthy, affordable food is difficult for consumers to obtain. New technologies combined with community involvement may one day solve a growing health problem.

The Future of Remote Patient Monitoring – For all the wonderful technology that’s out there, much of it is inaccessible from the standpoint of cost, availability or awareness. How do we best utilize mobile apps and personal devices to improve health outcomes for the homebound patient?

Plight of the Home Care Nurse – I was challenged on my data supporting themes in the book related to home health care, so here’s a clarification.

The End of “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” – A call-to-action for nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and senior residences to explore alternatives to the “panic button” in the form of passive environments.